Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We are having many laughs around here lately.  Our second child Gabriella (aka Gabby) is learning to crawl and can move around pretty well.  She can go from a crawling to a sitting position and vise verse.  Well, in try to go from the sitting to the crawling position, she sometimes just falls over, then of course bangs her head on the floor.  Not saying this is funny, but she then looks to see if someone saw her do that, then her reaction is by what your facial expression is.  What's funny is that every time she bangs her head, we start clapping and go "Yay!  Look what you can do!" and then she starts laughing and clapping.  LOL.  Here is a picture:

  Had to show the love and how cute our little girl is!  (No, I'm not biased! hehe)

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