Laugh Out Louds

Just for the fun of it, I thought I would make a page of just some LOL's.  For example, like today, I was driving to a meeting at my hospital job, and while driving I put in a CD I found from when I was 18.  (If you're wondering how long ago that's been, all I'm gonna say is over a decade!) So, I'm listening to this CD, jamming to it all loud and realize, oh my lands, I'm in a minivan!  That's right, I'm old enough for a minivan.....and I love having a minivan!  It just cracked me up that I'm listening to this "young" music, jammin' in my minivan.  So all you moms out there (and dads!) who jam in the minivan like it's 1999.....I feel the love.  LOL

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