Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ugly soap! LOL

Well, there have only been a hand-full of times where my recipe for a soap didn't turn out very well.  Like any soapmaker can tell you, sometimes you can follow a recipe exactly and it still doesn't end up, um....pretty.  So, I attempted a CPHP 100% Olive Oil Castile soap and it wasn't even my recipe.  I usually use soapcalc for my recipes in formulating, but this one I found in an ebook.  Side track note, ALWAYS USE A SOAP CALCULATOR! ALWAYS!!  Tell me how I know this!  HA!  Well, when I dive in, I dive in....first off, 100% Olive Oil Castile soap takes FOREVER to trace, like an hour of stickblending, which isn't fun when your stick blender gets hot and you have to let it rest.  Needless to say, the next time I decide to do this, I will definitely decrease the water, and superfat to probably 7%.  I find alot of my advice from  Any-who, I couldn't get the soap to gel, it went through the separation phase, applesauce phase, and then the mash potato phase.  Each stage took forever, and I actually stick blended again between the applesauce and mash potato phase because it was taking so long.  After about 4 hours of cook, I put the crock pot on keep warm and went to bed, it was 1am!  Got up when hubby did for work (4:30am!), checked on it and still mash potato phase.  Put it up to low and let it cook another hour, still the same.  Tried to stick blend again, and it just got to thicker mash potato phase.....whatever, I molded it!  By this time, my patience had worn thin.  Then, to my surprise, it hardened rather quickly!  Hardened enough to unmold and cut, but it looks like, very ugly. So, in conclusion of my disastrous, adventurous, and patient-killing attempt to do a pure 100% Olive Oil Castile soap is partial failure.  I'm going to let it cure for a while, like a month, and see where we're at.  When cutting it, it stung, so definitely wasn't done cooking.  Will definitely make some changes the next time around.  And will definitely NOT sell this, will use it myself either for dishes or laundry detergent.  No soap goes really is hard to ruin a batch so bad that it has to be dumped!  To show my shame, here are what the bars look like.  Enjoy your laugh!  LOL

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