Saturday, January 28, 2012

The beginnings...

Well, here I am!  FINALLY composing a blog.  Here are the beginnings of a new path for me.  Not really seeking for this path, but kindly given to me to embrace.  I started this path over a year ago when I became pregnant with my 2nd child.  When my husband I first found out we were pregnant again, we were elated!  We had been trying for 19 months!  God decided to reward us with another blessing!  Our first child, a son, who is getting ready to turn 6...*does the blink with unbelief*....was not a pleasant labor and delivery in the hospital, so when I got pregnant with Gabriella (aka Gabby), I became petrified.  Anxiety and fear started settling in.....even though I'm a nurse and work PRN (as needed) in a hospital, I don't like OB wards!  So, we researched.  With not having many choices in my area, I needed to at least see if the baby was ok and there was a heartbeat, so we saw an obstetrician.  One who was highly recommended by my friends....ok feeling good.  We go to our first appointment, and of course, we spend 45 minutes with the payment coordinator before even seeing the doctor.  Then, we see the nurse who says "pee in this cup and change into the gown on the table."  Ok.  Ya know, its not fun sitting on a cold table pretty much naked with a paper gown, waiting on a complete stranger to come look at you?  What's wrong with this picture?  Ok....get the soapbox name now?  Haha.  All the meantime, my dear husband is leaning up against the wall.  Finally, the doctor comes in (I do have my socks on by the way, so I guess not completely naked!)....brief introduction, honest (I think) handshake to Eric.....and, then I was pretty much man-handled!  I felt violated almost and actually apologized to my husband that he had to see that.  Papsmears and breast exams aren't fun to begin with, but c'mon!  After that appointment, we said "there has to be a better way."  So, jumping ahead, we decided on a homebirth.  And, it was beautiful.  We found beautiful midwives who took such good care of me, making sure nutrition and exercise were key.  On 6/11/11 we had a beautiful baby girl born to us in water.  I will have more on this in a whole other post.  What I want to hit on, was during my pregnancy, my skin got so sensitive, I literally couldn't use anything.  Everything broke me out or made me itch.  So, after spending $ we didn't have in trying more products that didn't work, I decided to make my own.  First was my laundry detergent.  After a few tweaks, we are still using homemade laundry detergent today.  I love it!  Well, this still didn't clear up my skin or help my itching, but it did save me alot of money!  This was what opened the can of worms people!  I started researching and experimenting.....then whoa, I can make toothpaste, dishsoap, dishwasher detergent, deodorant, and my own lotion!  Then onto soapmaking, ahhhhhh!  I fell in love!  I knew everything that was going into my product!  Then, we decided to cloth diaper, then woah!  I can sew that? Yes, yes I can.  Talk about being frugal!  I was not working part-time anymore, we were getting ready to embrace a new little gift, and preparing to start homeschooling Tyler for Kindergarten.  Two HUGE changes in lifes balance and activities of daily living.  So, learning how to truly save us money and recycle what we already had on hand were huge pluses!  I use to be a huge couponer; however, that frizzled out when realistically it wasn't possible for me to be running to 3-4 stores to save $20 on my grocery bill.  Plus the coupons were drastically getting worse in the nature of savings.  I still coupon,  but not like I use to.  Ok, stearing back (yes, I drift in my thoughts!), I LOVE soapmaking.  I have been formulating over a year using the CPHP (crock pot hot process) method.  The same goes for my lotion.  I actually started making lotion before I started making soap.  I make a very good lotion and a very good soap, if I say so myself.  So, here I am, over a year later, and taking things to a different level.  Selling.  So, here are to beginnings...welcome to my soapbox!

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